In accordance of (523/99) 10 § of the Finnish Personal Data Act.



Company code: 2417875-1


Name of the Registry

Bonusway/Artiway/Kopikot user registry.

Purpose of the Registry

Adding users to the Bonusway/Artiway/Kopikot service, providing service and marketing communications.

Contents of the Registry

Name, contact information, gender, date of birth, consents for marketing, information relating to online purchase transactions.

Information is stored in the registry to facilitate the use of the service, paying bonuses to users and sending marketing communications.

Information Sources

Bonusway/Artiway/Kopikot websites, browser extensions and mobile apps.

Provision of Information

Information will not be provided to third parties.

Principles for Protecting the Registry

The contents of the registry will ony be available to administrators, and require passwords to access.

Personal Data Protection

In accordance of 24 § of the Finnish Personal Data Act.

The registry is managed by Bonusway,

The registry consists of data collected in electronic format.

All information systems are protected with usernames and passwords.

Information in the registry will not be shared with third parties.